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Milo The Robot to help students of all needs at Manor ISD

Spots for the Manor ISD summer camp are still open. Please contact for more information. 
 Manor ISD is introducing an exciting new initiative at its July summer camp that will help children learn programming languages while assisting special-needs students in their socialization skills.

Manor ISD is the first school district in Central Texas to work with Milo, a robot designed as a non-threatening way for learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder to practice their communication and social skills. Milo’s specialty as a robot is his ability to gesture and mimic real-life emotions, allowing students with special needs to observe these traits in a non-threatening setting.

Milo is also programmable, so learners of all types can manipulate his expressive features, voice, and gestures through programming packages that come with the robot.

Starting July 10, Manor ISD will be introducing Milo to its robotics camp. Both students with special needs and those without will be working with Milo units at the July Manor ISD robotics camp. This is a first of-it-kind learning opportunity and a great example of Manor ISD's commitment to innovation.

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