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Happy 2017-2018 School Year!
I am so excited to have your child in class for 4th Grade Math this year. As a team of learners; I will encourage each and every child to do their best, never give up and always ask for help if needed. We will succeed with positive reinforcement, hard work and dedication. My classroom is an open door. Please feel free to stop by and say hello at anytime.
7:20 Class starts
7:30 formative Loop (5 Min)
7:40 AM Group Math
9:20 Science AM Group
10:10 Transition W / Ms. Cobb
10:15 PM Group Math
11:43 Structured Movement (Outside weather Permitting)
11:55-12-08 Recess
12:10-12:40 LUNCH
12:45 SPLASH
1:05 CLAMPS     (1:05-2:00 Conference Time)
2:00 Pick up from CLAMPS
2:55 Car Dismissal
3:00 Bus Dismissal
Math tutoring is every Thursday (Except the second Thursday of every month) from 3:45-5:45
Homework is handed out on Monday and needs to be returned on Friday. No exceptions
Students have four days to ask for homework assistance from myself.

(512)278-4150 EXT 3314
Student Responsibility
  1. Be on time, on task and be prepared.
  2. Treat others the same way that you expect to be treated.
  3. Use kind words; say please and thank you.
  4. Take responsibility for your own choices.
  5. Always TRY to do your best work.