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DES awarded Distinction under STAAR Index 2-Student Progress and Top 25% Recognition for Index 3 Closing the Achievement Gap
Don Casey » Education Technology Lab

Education Technology Lab

I am excited to be a part of the Decker Elementary teaching staff. I have been an educator for over 30 years working in educational technology to teach and learn with computers. We will be using computers everyday in the lab to improve keyboarding (typing) skills, learn to read, write, solve math problems and create drawings and classroom presentations.
Master's Degree in Elementary Education
Arizona State University
Bachelor of Science
State University of New York @ Cortland
My conference period is from 7:25-8:20 AM daily, and I am also available after school until 3:00 PM.
My daily classroom schedule is:
    7:25-8:20      Planning 
    8:20-9:15      Kindergarten
  9:15-10:10      1st Grade
10:10-11:05      2nd Grade
11:05-12:00      3rd Grade
12:00-12:35      Lunch
  12:35-1:30      4th Grade
    1:30-2:25      5th Grade
• Email:
• School Phone: 512-278-4150 ext. 3332
LINKS to the software programs that we are currently using in the lab:
 Grades K - 2
 Keyseeker (Mora the Monkey)
Grades 3 - 5 -