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Marina Hadderton » Ms. Hadderton's 5th Grade Class

Ms. Hadderton's 5th Grade Class

  • Fifth Grade Bilingual Teacher

    Contact Information

    Decker Elementary: (512) 278-4150

    Manor Website:


    5th Grade Teachers

    Marina Hadderton:



    • Over 23 years teaching Bilingual students, grades PK-5th in public school settings.
    • Skilled in devising lessons and approaches that engage all students, accomodating individual needs and learning styles.
    • Able to develop learning environments conducive to social and intelectual growth with child-centered focus that nurtures each student’s talents and potential to succeed.
    • Demonstrated experience in all academic áreas, particularly early balanced literacy programs and interventions.
    • Working knowledge of varying local, district and state student assessments. Extensive experience on school improvements committees and after-school activities/programs
    • Possess excellent relationships with students, parents and fellow teachers.




    Masters in Bilingual Education (9 hours of credit), University of Texas, San Antonio, Texas

    Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, Minor: Early Childhood Education, Sul Ross State University, Alpine, Texas

    Associates Degree, Southwest Junior College



    School starts at 7:00 each day.  It is very important for your child to be at school on time!  Breakfast is served every morning from 7:00-7:20.  The tardy bell rings at 7:30.  

    Our conference time is from 2:05-2:55.  If you need to contact your child’s teacher for any reason, this will be the best time to reach them.  This time can also be used to meet for parent/teacher conferences that are set up in advance.  

    AVID Binders and Agendas will be sent home on a daily basis. Any notes or other communication you have may also be placed in the binder/agenda.   Please check your child’s AVID Binder daily. All graded work and school notes/newsletters will be sent home in the Binder. AVID Binders will be graded periodically based on organization.

    Please make sure Agendas are signed and make sure homework is done daily.

    Please feel free to call the office to leave a message for any of us. We will return your call as soon as possible.

    Rules & Behavior Policy (Behavior Chart)

    Every good classroom is focused around every student’s learning. In order for this to occur, rules must be established and followed. The fifth grade discipline plan includes the following rules:

    1. Be Safe
    2. Be Respectful
    3. Be Responsible

    If students receive 3 strikes in one day, they will get an office referral. Students will receive strikes for: no homework, behavior, not having the agendas signed, coming to class unprepared.

    In addition to the above expectations, electronics and any other items that are distracting are not permitted.  

    ATTENDANCE Component: Student will receive a reward only at Teacher’s discretion, if they arrive to class by 7:30 am.

    Students may buy prizes from their homeroom teacher with dolphin tickets.

    Homework Policy

    Homework is due every day!  Please make sure  homework is done daily. After you check homework please sign the Agenda.

    Students will receive a grade for completing their homework on time.

    After the 3rd day, if students haven’t turned their homework they will receive a failing grade.

    RtI (Response to Intervention)/Splash

    For 30 minutes  each day, students will receive small group instruction based on their individual needs. These groups are very flexible, and the students may change groups and/or teachers often.  


    All Grades are based on grade level expectations for fifth grade.  Parents can log onto Skyward to see their child's grades.  Log-in information is available in the front office.

    Students receive grades in the following areas:

    Math, Language Arts, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music, P.E.

    Report cards will go out each nine weeks and progress reports go out mid nine weeks.  

    Elementary Report Cards:

    October 27

    January 12

    March 23

    May 25

    Elementary Progress Reports:

    September 22

    December 1

    February 9

    April  20

    5th Grade Schedule

    7:20-7:30 Announcements & Pledge

    7:30-7:40 Structure Movement

    7:40-8:10 Splash

    8:10-10:00 1st Rotation

    10:00-11:45 2nd Rotation

    11:45-12:15 Lunch

    12:15-2:00 3rd Rotation

    2:00-3:00 Specials

    Lunch - You are welcome to come eat with your child.  










    Birthdays: Birthdays can be celebrated in your child’s homeroom on Fridays only. If the birthday is during the summer, he/she can celebrate a half-birthday. Treats can also be sent, keeping in mind that it must be sent after 2:30 so that it does not interfere with lunch.  

    Parties: We have three parties a year.   A letter will be sent home with details about two weeks before each party asking for parents to sign up to bring an item in.  

    Spirit Days: Wednesday we celebrate College Readiness, please feel free to allow your child to wear College T-shirt if you have one. On Friday we wear a Decker colors  ( or if they have a Decker shirt)  shirt.  Homework

    Read 1 chapters and respond on the notebook paper using one of the selected prompts.

    They read a book on their level and responded by inferring what they think the main character was feeling. 

  • *They had to support their inferences with clues from the text.

    *Summarizing- They read a book on their level and summarized it using Somebody, But, So, Then format.


    Spelling:  Monday - Sort the words into categories according to the patterns represented by the bold printed words at the top their list (this will be in their spelling journal for you). Ask your child to explain to you why the words are sorted in a particular way (they will have rules/patterns to go with their words). Have them show you the pattern that the words have in common. Ask your child to sort them a second time as fast as possible. Use the guide in their journal to guide them in sorting the words correctly.  Be sure they know their guide words and rules!


    Spelling:  Tuesday- Buddy Sort with your child.  Lay down the bold words (guide words) from the baggie in the front of their journal. Next, read the other words aloud, not letting them see the word.  Your child must indicate where the word goes and tell you the rule/pattern without seeing it.  Lay it down and let your child move it if he or she is wrong.  Repeat if your child makes more than one error.  Have them take a practice spelling test.  Be sure they know their guide words and rules!


  • STAAR Testing dates for grades 3-5 
  • April 10 – Grade 4 Writing & Grade 5 Math
  • April 11– Grade 4 Reading
  • May 14 – Grades 3-4 Math
  • May 15 – Grades 3-4 Reading
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