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Diverse Paths to Success. Destination Manor.
Manor ISD Fine Art’s department will host the “Around The World” showcase at 6 p.m. Thursday, May 10, 2018, at the Manor Performing Arts Center (AKA Pac)  CLASES DE INGLES Las clases comienzan en octubre. Si necesita mas información  llame a ADVOCACY OUTREACH    512.281.4180        Computer Classes! Thursdays starting on 25th of January 2018 4pm-5pm
Lucero De La Viña » Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

Hi, Im Ms. De La Vina the 3rd grade Math Bilingual teacher. I'm very excited to be teaching here this year! I graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with my BA in Special Education. Now getting my certification in bilingual teaching. I have lived in Austin for 2 years and have teaching experience for 3.5 years now. I am fluent in Spanish and English. 
De La Vina Schedule
  Subject Minutes
7:30-7:40 Formative Loop 10
7:40-7:50 Structured movement 10

Group (De La Vina)
Problem of Day- Number talk 15
Mini Lesson 20
Guided Groups 45
DAQ- Number talk 10
9:20-9:30 Recess 10

Group (Pagan)
Problem of Day- Number talk 15
Mini Lesson 20
Guided Groups 45
DAQ- Number talk 10
11:00-11:32 ELA Lang Study 30
11:32-12:02 Lunch 30
12:02-12:05 Restroom/ Transition 5
12:05-1:00 Specials 55
1:00-1:05 Restroom/ Transition 5
1:05-1:35 SPLASH 30

Group (Gonzalez)
Problem of Day- Number talk 10
Mini Lesson 15
Guided Groups 45
DAQ- Number talk 10
Tutorials are Monday and Tuesday from 3:40PM-5:40PM
Homework is given out either daily or every other day.
Parents must sign and check students agenda for homework. 
Homework will get a 10 point deduction each day it's late. After the third day its considered an incomplete grade.
If Homework is not brought in through out the week then parents will be contacted.

STAAR Testing dates for grades 3-5 



April 10 – Grade 4 Writing & Grade 5 Math


April 11– Grade 4 Reading


May 14 – Grades 3-4 Math


May 15 – Grades 3-4 Reading